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"Consistently Pure, Purified Drinking Water"

In our new, state-of-the-art bottling facility, our bottled water is processed through a Nine-Stage Purification Process, including Reverse Osmosis that produces our "Consistently Pure, Reverse-Osmosis, Purified Drinking Water."

This technology is widely used throughout the bottled water industry because it produces a consistently pure product. In essence, it removes all of the things you don't want in your drinking water (like chemicals, inorganic materials, chlorine and sodium), leaving behind the clean, crisp and pure tasting water that your body desires.

Our 9-Step Process:

Quality Control

RMBW assures our customers of the highest quality product in each glass they drink. Our modern bottling facility is equipped with the newest and highest quality equipment in the industry.

Our facility and product are regularly inspected by theColorado Department of Health and the FDA. Furthermore, our bottle water manager has been trained and certified by the FDA and the industry's trade organization (IBWA). Our plant staff has over 30+ years combined industry experience.

We verify the purity of our product through the following testings:

  1. Hourly in-house water analysis and testing.
  2. Weekly water testing by an independent, certified lab.
  3. Quarterly in depth testing of our bottles, caps, and water samples.
  4. Annual Chemical Analysis of our water by an independent, certified lab.

Annual Water Analysis Results are available upon request.

Make the Healthy Choice

Physicians and nutritionists recommend that we should drink a minimum of eight, 8-oz glasses of water per day to maintain good health and hydration. Good hydration aids in a more productive, energized and healthy body. Sugar and caffeine-laden beverages such as soda, coffee and tea can work to de-hydrate your body and deprives your body of the hydration that it needs.

So whether its for your home of office, make the Healthy and Smart Choice —
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Member: Water Quality Association
Member: Water Quality Association

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