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Coffee Basics

The perfect cup of coffee is created when you bring five elements together.



1) COFFEE -- We start with fresh high quality beans roasted to perfection.

  2) GRIND -- The grind must be appropriate for the machine that you are using. We match the grind of your Coffee@Work coffees to our machines to make sure that the coffee is perfect.


 3) WATER -- The water must be the correct temperature (195 degrees) to maximize the flavor of the coffee. We also suggest and in-line filter for the purest water possible.


 4) AMOUNT -- The right amount of coffee needs to be used. Too little coffee for the amount of water will give you a poor cup of coffee even with great beans.

  5) EQUIPMENT -- We use state of the art brewing equipment designed to produce the best coffee possible. Even the best equipment needs to be maintained. We check our brewers on every visit to make sure that they are tuned to perfection.

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