Ionized Water

There is a growing number of health enthusiasts that having been asking about a higher pH Level water for their Diet. Rocky Mountain Bottled Water is proud to be working with Life Ionizers (one of the top rated companies in its industry) to provide Alkaline water systems to our customers



Water Ionization does three things that make ionized alkaline water healthier than ordinary water:



  • It raises the pH of water

  • Increases the water’s alkalinity – the ability to neutralize acidity.

  • Gives alkaline water antioxidant potential – the ability to neutralize harmful oxidants.


The ionization process used by a water ionizer changes the composition of the mineral compounds in water. Plain water from the tap is rich in mineral carbonates. The ionization process changes those mineral carbonates into mineral hydrates. Those mineral hydrates are the reason ionized alkaline water is better for you than plain water.



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