Whole House Water Softeners

As an Independent Water Treatment Dealer, we can provide you with the right solution for any of your water related needs. We Sell and Service a wide range of water softening systems, from leading manufacturers, including:


  • Good Water

  • MelStream

  • US Filter

  • Alamo

  • GE Smartwater


Depend on RMBW for the quality system and the professional installation that you deserve. We are a member of the Water Quality Association, and have certified professionals that can perform a no-hassle, Free Water-Analysis of your current water supply. Whether your water comes from your own Well or from a Municipal source, we can recommend a system that suits your particular need.


 Service Guarantee

  • 30 day no hassle guarantee

  • We Will Provide Free Follow-up Testing After Installation

  •  Referrals available upon Request

  • Best Product Warranties in the Industry

  • No-Hassle Sales Personnel

Experience All the Benefits of a Water Softener / Filtration System


Installing a Whole-House Water Softener and Filtration System is the nicest thing you can do for both you and your home. It will help protect your investment in your home's plumbing, fixtures, and appliances, while also brightening and softening your clothes, skin, and hair. Everything that water comes into contact with will last longer and stay cleaner-including you!


A Whole House Carbon Filtration System (organic Removal Systems) will take out the chlorine, chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides-while improving both the taste and odor of all the water throughout your home.


How does a Water Softening System impact the home?




  • Showers, tubs and sinks; softer and smoother skin




  • Cleaner dishes, glassware and china

  • Reduces detergent use

  • Eliminates hard water-related service issues on the dishwasher


Laundry Room


  • Clothes are softer, cleaner and brighter

  • Increases clothing life

  • Reduces detergent use

  • Eliminates hard water-related service issues on the washer




  • More efficient gas/electric water heater, providing cost savings

  • Helps reduce scale build-up in pipes


As an independent dealer, we can provide you with the right system for any need. Rocky Mountain Bottled Water Company sells only the Highest Quality and stands behind it with Quality Installations and Service.


Contact us today for a free water analysis and site survey.

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